Dr. Yahya  A. I.

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Office    : Department of Chemistry,
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M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: National Center for Bio-Artificial Muscles, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, 2008,2009.


Physical Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Intelligent Polymers

Positions Held

  1. Chairperson, University Research Committee, A’Sharqiyah University, Oman, 2014 – 2016.

  2. Associate Professor & Head, Dept. Of Basic Sciences, A’Sharqiyah University, Oman, 2013 –2016.

  3. Focal Point, The Research Council (TRC), Oman at A’Sharqiyah University 2014-2016.

  4. Member, University Council, A’Sharqiyah University

  5. Member, Quality Audit Steering Committee, A’Sharqiyah University, Oman, 2014 – 2016.

  6. Chairperson, QASC subcommittee on Staff Research and Consultancy 2014-2016.

  7. Associate Professor & Head of Chemistry Section, University of Nizwa, 2008 Oct -2013 Jan.Member, College Board, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Nizwa, 2010 -2013 Jan.

  8. Visiting Researcher Professor, Center for Electrochemistry and Intelligent Materials,Universidad Politechnica de Cartagena, Spain, since 2010.

  9. Coordinator, BSc. (Industrial chemistry) course at Unity women’s College, University of Calicut during 1999 -2004.


  1. Broad Area : Intelligent Polymers for Advanced Applications

  2. Electro Active Polymers: Conducting polymer based artificial muscles (electrochemical actuators), sensors, super capacitors, and sensing actuators. Nano and micro fibers based on electroactive polymers and hydrogels, Carbon Nano Tubes etc. Reactive polymers working under non- equilibrium conditions – structural chemical kinetics, biomimetic properties and Brain –memory hypothesis.

  3. Synthesis, Electrochemistry, Electrical, Electronic and Thermal properties of conducting polymers, Solid electrolytes and solid state reactions.


Chitosan/Polyaniline hybrid microfiber, preparation there of and the uses there of-Inventors: Seon Jeong Kim, Yahya Ahmed Ismail , Su Ryon Shin and Kwang Min Shin (Korea Patent), 2008


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  2. Yahya A. Ismail, Jose Martinez and Toribio.F.Otero, Biomimetic Polyurethane Microfibrous Mat Templated Polypyrrole: Reactive Biomimetic Sensing Capabilities, J.Electro Anal.Chem., 719, (2014) 47 - 53 ( IF = 2.871)

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Conference Papers

  1. Toribio. F.Otero , Yahya .A. Ismail , L. Valero, Jose.G. Martinez, Polymeric Electrochemical Motors Sense Physical and Chemical Working Conditions: Artificial Proprioception, CIMTEC-2016, 5th International Conference "Smart and Multifunctional Materials, Structures and Systems" & 11th International Conference "Medical Applications of Novel Biomaterials and Nanotechnology" Perigia, Italy, 5-9, June, 2016.

  2. Mohammad Luqman, Yahya A. Ismail, Mohammad Changez, Hakikulla H. Shah, Ionomeric Materials for Robotic Actuator, Dynamic Sensor and Artificial Muscle Applications, 8th International Workshop on Advanced Materials (IWAM-2016),II.18, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, 21-23 Feb., 2016.

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Creative Research Initiative fellowship from Ministry of Science and Technology, South Korea, 2007-2008.

Best paper award in the 12th National Convention of Electrochemists conducted by Society for Advancement of Electrochemical Science and Technology and Central Electro Chemical Research, Madhurai, 18-19 Feb.2005.

Conference committee

SPIE International Symposium on Smart Structures & Materials ;Conference on Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD);Held every year in San Diego, CA, USA, March, 2011, 2012,2013, 2014 & 2015, 2016

International Advisory Board of Symposium H "Electroactive Polymers and Shape Memory Polymers: Advances in Materials and Devices" of CIMTEC & the 5th International Conference "Smart and Multifunctional Materials, Devices, Structures" 2015 onwards, Italy.

Professional membership

American Chemical Society (ACS), USA

Society of Photo -Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), USA

Material Research Society (MRS), USA

SAEST, CECRI, Karaikudi, India

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